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Geneva Festival Fireworks 2017

Fêtes de Genève feu d'artifice

There are 2 fireworks at the opening and at the finalizing of Fêtes de Genève - Geneva Festival, the biggest celebratin of the year.

Opening Fireworks:

The official commencement of Geneva Festival, opening fireworks are beautiful show coming from the middle of the lake. Expect huge crowds of people.

Date & Time: 3rd of August 2015, 10:30pm.

Duration: 20 minutes

Twenty minutes earlier, at 10:10pm, some local municipalities such as Cologny or Thônex have their fireworks, which precedes the main one, and also lasts about 20 minutes.

Closing Fireworks:

"Grand Geneva Firework Display"

The huge, pompous and beautiful fireworks celebrating climax of Geneva Festival is the must-see event, yearly seen by over million of spectators.

Fireworks are accompanied by illustrious, inspiriting music and together create a real audio-visual artistic masterpiece.

Date & Time: Second Saturday of August (12th of August 2017), 10pm.

Duration: 1 hour.

Tickets for seating:

There are 3 tribunes installed in the English Garden, on the Mont Blanc Bridge and Quai du Mont-Blanc, providing comfortable best views over the fireworks (which comes from the lake in the middle).

Ticket price vary between CHF 55 - CHF 65.

Purchase the tickets at Tourist Information Center, or at dedicated stalls selling the tickets, one is right next to Ferris Wheel (by the lake).

Firework will of course be visible from everywhere around the lake, but expect huge crowds of people. Even the parking lots such as Mont-Blanc parking garage get's clogged up by dozens of cars trying to park here hour before the fireworks.

We advise to come in advance to comfortably secure your position.

Fireworks Location

Fireworks, both opening and closing, are being fired from about 10 boats floating in the lake, located in the middle of: English Garden, Mont Blanc Bridge, Quai du Mont-Blanc and Bains des Pâquis. Those are thus best locations to see the fireworks from.


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