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Geneva Top 10 Sights & Attractions

Geneva Promenade Geneva is a true gem of Switzerland and is full of history, beautiful architecture and fascinating sights that make it a perfect place to visit. Here, we are going to give you the top 10 things to see on any trip to this amazing European city.

The Top 10 Sights And Attractions In Geneva

The Jet d'eau Water Jet

This is the attraction to see in Geneva. At the same time, you can hardly miss it, because we see the jet of water from any point of the city. This huge jet of water finds its base at the end of a jetty on the left bank of Lake Geneva. The jet is up to 140 meters high and is the emblem of the city of Geneva, the United Nations headquarters from just after. If you want a truly unforgettable experience, go to the pier, and get as close as possible to the water jet: you will feel the power of hundreds of tons of water pressure that are projected into the air, and you will undoubtedly tempered. You can not come within three meters of the jet for security reasons.

Geneva Lake
Of course, you couldn’t talk about the top attractions in Geneva without mentioning Lake Geneva (Lac Léman). The lake is a central focus of the city, surrounded by a stunning backdrop of mountains, and has fantastic promenades for a gentle walk or cycle around the perimeter. Throughout the year, there are many boat trips on offer that give a unique viewpoint of the city’s lakeside buildings and the aforementioned Jet D’eau. In the summer months there are also a whole host of water sports such as inner tubing and jet-skiing available.

The Old Town
Geneva’s Old Town is definitely not to be missed. As Switzerland’s biggest historical city and the home of the Reformation movement, there is so much to be uncovered here. Every nook and cranny of its cobbled streets are littered with Swiss shops and cafes, and it is also home to a town square that was originally a Roman forum (Place du Bourg-de-four).

St. Peter's Cathedral
The Old Town also has other treasures on offer such as Saint Peter’s Cathedral which lies at the heart of the Old Town. An architectural beauty, this cathedral took over 400 years to build and is nearly 1000 years old. The Cathedral is also known for the Archaeological Museum that it houses in its basement as well as the stellar panoramic views on offer from the North Tower.

Mont Saleve

Another way to see the city from up high is from Mont Saleve, a mountain just outside the city that provides stunning views of Geneva in its entirety. Definitely one for those who love to get back to nature and get a new perspective on things.

Parc des Bastions

And as for those who like seeing greenery brought into the city... Parc des Bastions is a beautiful tree-lined park founded in the 1700’s that is also home to the Reformation Wall which commemorates the main founders of the Protestant faith, including John Calvin.

Geneva Museums

If culture and history is something that intrigues you then there are plenty of museums on offer for you to peruse. For example, there is the Musee des Arts d’Extreme-Orient, home to art from Japan and China that is renowned internationally. Alternatively there is the Museum of Natural History, the Barbier-Mueller Museum and the Museum of Art and History.

Reformation Wall

The Reformation Wall (Mur de la Réformation) serves as a monumental reminder of Geneva’s colourful history as the homeland of the Reformation. Constructed in the early 1900‘s, the wall spans a magnificent 325 feet in length and 30 feet in height. The walls are home to many statues and carved images that depict events and individuals that were integral to the movement.
Located in the grounds of the University of Geneva, and built into Geneva’s old city walls, it is open to whomever so wishes to visit.

Palais Des Nations

The Palais Des Nations serves as the home of the United Nations Office and was built in the early 1900’s as a headquarter for the League Of Nations (the UN’s predecessor). After New York, it is the most important seat for the UN.
For those who wish to visit, there are guided tours that can take visitors around an exhibit of official gifts, the Council Chamber and the Assembly Hall. Furthermore, the palace is nestled inside of Ariana Park, a beautiful city oasis complete with free roaming peacocks that is continuously open to anyone and everyone for no cost at all.


Within Geneva itself is Carouge; a bohemian haven in the midst of the city that has its own distinct atmosphere. With its Italian architecture, you will feel as if you have landed in the middle of a mediterranean town. The streets are littered with craft stalls, fashion boutiques, bistros, cafes and shops selling all sorts of wares not found in the rest of Geneva, and when the evening comes it is the perfect spot to spend the night in one of its many trendy bars.

Of course, there are far more sights to see in Geneva than this article can convey but we hope this gives you a fantastic head start and whets your appetite. And don’t forget that sometimes simply taking a stroll through the city streets and seeing where you end up can provide some of the most magical memories of all.


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Jet d'Eau Fountain

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Facts about Geneva:

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Jet d'Eau Fountain

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