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Gare Sécheron

Gare Sécheron train station, often simply called Secheron, is a train station located at the northern part of Geneva, serving regional trains going north from Geneva or coming to Geneva.

Sécheron's advantage to Cornavin is that it is very close to the UN and to international organizations, as well as to Botanical Gardens.

Secheron Gare is the first stop for regional trains going from Gare Cornavin direction Coppet (north). However, international trains don't usually stop at this station, so this station is good only if You are traveling locally and want to get to UN or other international organization in this area quickly. Otherwise use the Geneva's main train station Gare Cornavin, which serves regional (all trains stoping at Sécheron also stop at Cornavin), national and international destinations and has a better airport connection.

Secheron train station is fairly new and big, currently still under construction and not completely finish, so it is rather empty.

Tram stop: Francé, tram 15. To get to tram from the platform, walk up stair and turn left (south).

The platform is located in the middle of the station, from both sides surrouded by train rails. The bridge going above the station is connecting the 2 entrances with the platform. The main entrance to the station is from the south and another entrance is from the north, which is not yet open. Next to the main entrance is huge underground parking lot, served also by elevator, which is connecting underground parking, ground level and bridge level, from where You access the platform. At the same level is also nearby tram stop Francé. It takes a lot of chairs or taking an elevator to access the platform.
Unfortunately the elevator between the station bridge and the platform is currently not working, as the whole station is not yet finished (still in 2015), so the station is not yet wheelchair accessible.

Gare Secheron has no lockers, wifi and no main hall at all. At the platform are several benches to sit, the ticket machine and departures timetable.

Map of Gare Secheron Geneve:

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Address: (for entrance to the parking lot)
Gare Sécheron, Rue Kazem-Radjavi Sécheron, 1202 Genève, Switzerland


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