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Geneva Lake Parade

Lake Parade, hapening since 1997 is now one of the most popular Geneva events and techno parties; free open air festival in the very center of Geneva, attracting over 100'000 visitors yearly.

Geneva Lake Parade is a huge techno party festival happening in the streets of Geneva, by the lake, every summer at the beginning of July. Around 20 decorated trucks called lovemobiles loaded with loudspeakers, DJs and dancers slowly make their way through banks of Geneva Lake, accompanied by loud music and thousands of followers, finalizing at Quai Gustav-Ador between Baby Plage and Geneve Plage, where the big party continues until late night.

For this one day, Geneva completely changes and makes way for loudest techno/electro music and wildest expressions - colorful costumes, be it sexy, ultramodern or historical, decorated party trucks, baloons and confetti - lake parade reminds a big colorful carneval.


  • 2:30pm - Meeting at Mon Repos park.
  • 4pm - Party trucks start moving from Parc Mon Repos via Quai Wilson
  • 5pm - Party trucks are at Quai du Mont-Blanc
  • 6pm - Party goes through Mont-Blanc bridge
  • 7pm - Trucks continue moving via Quai Gustav-Ador
  • 8pm - Party trucks reach their final position at Quai Gustave-Ador, between Baby Plage and Geneve Plage, where the big festival starts
  • 3am the next day - official finish, but even at 4am music still plays, for the last survivors...

Before 8 the party trucks are very slowly moving, people are mostly chilling, sitting on the grass and observing while having their picknick, some dancing with drinks in the hands.

After 8pm trucks settle down in a long line at the Quai Gustave-Ador, each playing slightly different music with a light show, complemented with coca-cola tents, fast food stalls and drink bars. Open space, free and full of energized people - this is the party not to be missed.


Between 4pm - 8pm: Parade is moving walking distance from Mon Repos park to Quai Gustave-Ador (see timetable above).

After 8pm - Area at Quai Gustave-Ador, all the way between Baby Plage and Geneva Plage.

Great thing about Lake Parade is it's proximity to the lake - Baby Plage and rocky shore up to Geneva Plage get filled with people chilling, drinking and listening to music from distance, some of them diving in the lake, cooling themselves along this hot sunny night.

Entrance fee: Free

Facilities: Mobile toilets, Fast food, Drinks, Party tents with chairs and benches to sit.

Closures: Mont-Blanc bridge closes between 6pm - 9pm



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